Human Capital Consulting, People Analytics and HR Services

Centroid Strategy Consulting provides customized Human Resources (HR) solutions that enable businesses to realize the potential of their people. With an in-depth understanding of the business strategy and our expertise in HR functions, we are often able to offer insight and solutions that may not be apparent to those within the business. Our solutions are customized to fit your needs and help your people achieve their best performance to create a thriving business.



Human Capital Consulting

Expertise and solutions for:

  • Organisation Design & Development
  • Compensation Strategy & Rewards
  • Workforce / HR Transformation & Change Management

People Analytics

Developing a database and people analytics dashboard to deliver strategic insights from people data. Enabling business leaders to make effective workforce decisions based on people data.

HR Services

Flexible and retained HR Services to fit the HR needs of small and medium enterprises in Singapore. HR on demand to provide assistance with day-to-day, periodic or project based HR tasks and employee relations.

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It is easy to take for granted the way current routine HR operations work and lose out on ways to make people management processes better, cheaper and safer for your business. When your employees believe they are undervalued or unsafe it impacts their productivity and the business efficiency suffers. This is where it is useful to have a fresh set of eyes looking at your people management processes to determine what is needed to take your business further. An external HR consultant can offer objective, unbiased opinions and share with you other business stories, successes and ideas.

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